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Delhi's Shivering

As the winter season’s near, the weather becomes to chill. And here in Delhi it seems everyone’s still in their rock and roll lifestyle with a groovy sound around the city. Everyone seems happy and enjoying.

But not only the delhities were good at making sound, so also the Indian Mujahideen group, putting the Heart of India-Delhi at stake by boombing places – Connaught Place, Karol Bagh and Greater Kailash – I on the 13th September,2008 at around 5:30pm. The serial Blast was not a surprise to heard but a shock to everyone’s mind about the incident. A few months back there was a Jaipur blast, Bangalore blast, Hyderabad blast! All were likely being connected and it is. The output of the blast would really be satisfactory for the planner, as there were atleast 10 people dead and more than 60 were injured at this time.

Hearing all these terror attack, what did you let your mind think? Talking about peace and harmony, public safety and security. Could we blame the Govt. or the militant groups? Or is it right that all the suffering should be face by the public? Killing innocent people without reasons. Not a single place in the world is a safe place to live in; all we got to do is run, run for our life and safety.

Even the safety and most well guarded city in India is being attacked, why should not the people be frightened, what is the need for security if they can’t do their job or why the terror aim the public to fulfill their mission? Dose this plan soften the Govt. mind? All we can do is think, think and think?

A man’s life is not as cheap as a shock! It is more valuable than the machine. Have some love for the public or do we want to see the public themselves defending themselves?

Is all this a reasonable question or is it such a low rate thug? Let the mind keep on thinking…