Raja Goukhothang : The Saviour

The Siamsinpawlpi, New Delhi were filming a documentary of Pu. Raja. Goukhothang last year and it was heard that they would release it this May end or June. They made the film at JNU campus in Delhi. I hope this film would be the wake-up call to all the Zomi who were living from the nuke and corner of the world that we should be stand as one and fight for our dignity and freedom. Here is the short review of the film-

written by: S.Singlianmang Guite 2000
Lamka, Apr 30: Raja Goukhothang Guite once hailed as the saviour of hill tribes was today remem-bered under the auspices of The Zoland Times, a novel yet far reaching and inno-vative English weekly based here.
Historians, eminent per-sonalities, and descen- dants of Raja Goukhothang attended the gathering on the occasion of the depart-ed leader's 134th death anniversary. Remnants and memoirs of the Raja were recollected as speakers reflected martyrdom of Goukhothang despite the fact that he died a natural death.
Raja Goukhothang, whose statue, once was even worshipped by people from the valley accordingly to an elder's tale who claimed he had collected the offered foods and coins at a place now called Salvation Army Road, died inside the prison of Thangal and Tikendrajit on April 30, 1972 after he was allegedly captured along with 957 soldiers.
Speakers in today's programme stressed on the loyalty of Raja Goukho-thang to his tribesmen, as they argue that he declined the captor’s offer of freedom if he agreed to collective fight against his tribesmen, thus, forming the basis of hailing him as a martyr.
An interesting fact the speakers claimed was when they alleged that some of the villages on Lamka-Imphal stretch was named after the Raja’s pronounced words while on his way to imprisonment at Imphal.
Despite the fact that Raja Goukhothang’s statue of imprisonment was erected at Lamka, British soldiers shattered it during the World War II. (Source: sangaiexpress)

If there is anyone who is aware of the life of Pu Goukhthang, you may ask me for the details and I would find out for you.


tygyr said...

There are a lot of mistakes and misconception regarding your post on PuGoukhothang.Eg. the dates 1972? typing error or ignorance whatever it is...check the comment on the RajaGoukhothang trailer on Youtube

ninglun said...

documentary is different from drama...and to my understanding your documentary is a drama,...and at least not in DELHI....!!!please....a stage performances would have been better...